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Vapor-Howe Women’s Vest for Race

I picked the Nathan VaporHowe running vest since I was after a lightweight running vest that I could use to convey a couple of vital things of dress for my drive to and from work in the Surrey Hills. This vest is perfect, particularly in the warm summer months, as it has the ideal blend of lightweight, breathability combined with magnificent conveying limit. This permitted me to run serenely and unreservedly without feeling overloaded.
Profile of running carry pack
Lady wearing Nathan hydration vestThe external texture is delicate and stretchy permitting you to truly stuff the enormous pockets full in the event that you need additional unit for alterable climate or for longer races. The texture on the back board is thicker and harder however stays delicate and agreeable.

Water store

Water-bladderThe vest accompanies a protected hourglass formed bladder intended to limit sloshing when half full. It sits in the fundamental compartment, against the back and is kept upstanding by a velcro lash.

Bladder hose connection

Hose connection on running vestThe bladder hose can be circled over either shoulder and there is an attractive clasp on the shoulder lash to keep it set up and off the beaten path. This can be moved to either side to suit your inclination.

Interior pressure framework

Change tie on running vestOn either side of the vest, towards the back is a pressure lash that fixes the vest around the abdomen. They can be effectively extricated if conveying a greater burden or fixed for cozy fit when it isn't completely filled.

Chest lashes

Chest lashes on vestThere are 2 chest ties that are connected to solidified rails which empower them to slide here and there for a customized fit. They can likewise be fixed or slackened effectively relying upon your chest size.

Shoulder ties

Chest tie pocket on vestThe shoulder lashes are pleasant and wide which spreads the heap pleasantly and implies an agreeable fit. The width permits them to have a little zippered pocket on each side. Inside the zip pocket on the correct shoulder is a littler pill pocket to store littler things safely. On the left hand side there is a crisis whistle which is fundamental for those exceedingly significant race unit checks

Front reserve pockets

Jug in pocket of vestThese pockets are extraordinary for conveying extra water. Or on the other hand, on the off chance that the 1.6 liter bladder included is sufficiently enormous, at that point these pockets are extraordinary for putting away tidbits and simple access things. On the left hand side there is additionally a water safe zip pocket, perfect for putting away your telephone.

Back kangaroo pocket

Running vest pocketThere is a little pocket at the highest point of the pack which closes with a Velcro tab. Intended to go about as a speedy stuff pocket for fast access things. A waterproof coat or a couple of gloves for instance.

Back pockets

Water bladder in running vestThere are 2 fundamental compartments. The one closest the back houses the bladder and is bounty large enough for a couple of more things if necessary. The other pocket sits on the bladder pocket and is gotten to through a little zoom close to the top. This pocket is produced using a too stretchy texture permitting you to convey all the fundamentals.

I had never utilized a running vest and I was searching for a lightweight vest to use during short and quick path rushes to and from work (about 7km every way). At the point when I got the Nathan VaporHowe I was promptly dazzled with the nature of the materials and the lightweight feel of the vest.

The VaporHowe is a female-explicit race vest made out of a stretchy and adaptable lightweight texture that grows as you stuff garments and different things into the pockets. I prevalently utilize this vest to drive to work in the mid year months since it is just about enormous enough for a full difference in summer garments, my lunch and a couple of basic things. In winter, I utilize a marginally bigger sack as I have to convey hotter garments to change into when I find a good pace.

I have additionally utilized the Nathan VaporHowe for longer runs – up to a half long distance race separation trail courses in alterable conditions. It has end up being perfect for this, with different pockets to arrange my race sustenance, water and extra layers.

Profile of running convey pack

Solace and fit

The vest fits actually safely. It remains set up well while I'm moving with no scouring or additional weight on the bust. Plys, the snappy access ties, situated on the chest/ribs, make it simple to alter the pack as I include or expel rigging or sustenance/hydration. The ties that alter the ribs function admirably, as well. I would, be that as it may, prescribe going a size up, or possibly attempting two sizes before you focus on one. For me, a bigger one would imply that the lashes could be extricated to take into account additional room to fit a coat under the vest.

Simple to modify? Truly. The two parallel ties under the arms are anything but difficult to reach and use while running. The sack has some shrewd sliding sternum ties which take into account alteration. This prevents a lot of weight from working in the bust territory.

Consistent with size? Too evident! The vest turns out to be excessively tight around the armpits in the event that I include an additional layer underneath. Not perfect for cold runs when additional base layers are required. I suggest going one size up – particularly on the off chance that you have expansive shoulders.

How steady is it when completely stacked? Truly steady, no skipping or scouring, the stretchy material extends splendidly if additional limit is required.

How steady is the vest when it's not pressed full? Shockingly, it's likewise entirely steady as the ties can be acclimated to fit the vest all the more firmly to the shoulders and chest.

Lady running in hydration vest

Ease of use

The back of the pack has a huge primary pocket that is sufficiently large to fit a coat and an additional layer and the stretchy material of the sack will grow as you stuff more things in. The inward pocket that holds the water bladder can be utilized for reserving more things like extra layer, wallet, headlamps and some other tidbits, giving by and by more space!

What I love the most about the vest

I love the stretchy breathable work board of the vest. I am a genuine sweater and I truly welcome the additional plan subtleties set up to improve the wicking capacity of the vest-that keeps me from overheating! I likewise love the way simple it is to wash, I for the most part hurl it in the clothes washer with the remainder of my sloppy running rigging, it tells the truth as new and it dries super-quick!

What I don't care for to such an extent

I don't especially like the shading decision of purple and infant pink, yet that is close to home inclination. The measuring is likewise on the little size which implies I can possibly truly utilize it when the climate is hot/mellow as the pack wouldn't fit serenely over a coat.


The Nathan VaporHowe is an awesome running vest that is profoundly OK with a subsequent skin feel! There are heaps of capacity alternatives and water conveying limit, making it a perfect vest for run driving just as longer outings in the slopes. It is a generally excellent quality vest, that feels truly strong and enduring.

The ladies explicit fit is a decent touch, in any case, in light of my body shape (I am tall with wide shoulders) I feel that the ladies explicit fit is less beneficial as I could have finished with the additional length, particularly down the back. Contrasted with the men's rendition it feels and looks littler.


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