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Primus Lite Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot are taking their committment to practical and eco-accommodating footwear to an unheard of level with the arrival of the new Vivobarefoot Primus II Bio shoes. Highlighting Susterra Propanediol — a characteristic side-effect of the field corn nourishment industry, Sorona plant based filaments, normal elastic, and BLOOM — a green growth based option in contrast to engineered and petrochemical EVA. The outcome is a high performing shoeless style shoe for regular wear, strolling and voyaging that is driving the charge for supportability in the footwear business.
Vivobarefoot shoes
The least oil dependent execution shoe on the planet

Eco basic leadership

Notwithstanding the raising and exceptionally discouraging atmosphere crisis we've made, I can't resist the urge to feel floated by enormous advances that little organizations like Vivobarefoot are taking to push for change. Delivering eco-accommodating footwear is certainly not another advancement for Vivobarefoot; a significant number of their lines are veggie lover agreeable and furthermore produced using reused plastic jugs. They additionally expect to utilize 90% reasonable materials over their entire range by 2020. They're getting things going, and making it simpler for customers to settle on well-thought about choices in their quest for supportable living.

Be that as it may, being an eco-accommodating shopper isn't constantly a high contrast process. It appears as though every positive choice we make as a customer from one outlook, can have negative ramifications from another. Veggie lover garments is an ideal model. In case you're settling on vegetarian attire and footwear, the options are frequently items produced using plastic and petrochemicals. Hemp and natural cotton are, obviously, superb choices. Be that as it may, have you at any point had a go at getting out in boots or shoes made of cotton?!

So we give a valiant effort to legitimize every positive change we make and counterbalance the potential negative results with increasingly positive ones. A few people are incredible at adjusting this. I presume they're the ones that know a dreadful parcel about everything and can be increasingly positive about their choices. For all of us, be that as it may, there's the risk of being overwhelmed by everything; eco-tension! It truly is a thing, evidently.

Shoes from above

The most eco-accommodating shoes on earth?

Fortunately, the masters at Vivobarefoot are helping facilitate our nerves and clashed basic leadership with their creative shoe innovation. They and have made what may simply be the world's most eco-accommodating shoes: the Vivobarefoot Primus II Bio. What's more, these practically out of control shoes truly are virtuoso, in something other than their eco-agreeableness.

Each 50,000 sets of shoes delivered utilizing these materials compares to sparing ozone harming substance emanations from 247,948 miles driven by a normal traveler vehicle or lessening CO2 discharges from 11,286 gallons of gas expend.

Eco-highlights of the Vivobarefoot Primus II Bio


Shoe uppers70% of the upper texture is produced using Susterra Propanediol that is gotten from the glucose in field corn. It is without oil, non-dangerous and 100% USDA ensured. The work some portion of the uppers are produced using Sorona which a plant-based fiber. The uppers feel light and agreeable on exposed skin, however breathability could positively be better.


Sole of shoeThe grasp on the outsole isn't intended for any genuine rough terrain undertakings. In any case, it performs amazingly on dry hard-pressed trails, wet rough territory, and dry green inclines. You can depend on this sole more than you might suspect you ought to have the option to. In addition, the cut safe material is multiple times more extreme than your normal outsole of a similar thickness. On the supportability front, the soles consolidate 45% characteristic elastic with 45% manufactured material and 10% BLOOM (a green growth based option in contrast to engineered and petrochemical EVA).

Driving worldwide shoeless shoe organization VIVOBAREFOOT reported today the dispatch of Primus Lite II Bio, the organization's most imaginative supportable shoe to-date and one of the world's first plant-based execution shoes. The crucial brand disclosed the profoundly foreseen unisex shoe on the impact points of autonomous maintainability examine, which featured eco materials as a key factor in buyer obtaining choices. The Primus Lite II Bio will be accessible in a restricted run web based, beginning on May 20 for $160.

VIVOBAREFOOT's new plant-based Primus Lite II Bio shoe, the organization's most imaginative economical shoe to-date and one of the world's first plant-based execution shoes.

VIVOBAREFOOT's new plant-based Primus Lite II Bio shoe, the organization's most imaginative economical shoe to-date and one of the world's first plant-based execution shoes.

The new veggie lover shoe is planned with more than 30 percent sustainable plant-based materials, including Bio TPU produced using yellow gouge field corn, normal elastic and reaped green growth called Bloom, rather than single-use oil materials. The honor winning plan is VIVOBAREFOOT's lightest and most effective exhibition shoe yet and burdens normal an expected 10 percent not as much as the present standard presentation shoes.

The new age of VIVOBAREFOOT's heritage Primus Lite style is a distinct advantage for the footwear business and speaks to a significant walk for the organization towards its objective of utilizing 100 percent bio-based materials in a future cycle of this item. Extra styles and shades of the Bio line will be discharged in Fall 2019.

VIVOBAREFOOT's maintainability ethos is remarkably not quite the same as other footwear marks in the business, as it is established in structure, wellbeing and social effect, alongside using eco-accommodating materials. The organization accepts item configuration includes accomplishing more with less and making tough items. Its emphasis on wellbeing empowers individuals to move in a characteristic, sound, associated way, while keeping up execution and strength.

"The dispatch of the Primus Lite Bio speaks to an energizing advance away from the business' dependence on single use oil based materials and towards a promising fate of plant-based other options," said Asher Clark, Design Director at VIVOBAREFOOT. "We need to challenge the world's association with shoes, the materials they are produced using and the effect they are having on us and our condition. Our definitive objective is finished circularity."

In excess of 20 billion sets of shoes are made every year, most from petrochemicals, which harmfully affect nature, adding to the effectively genuine impacts of environmental change. The plant-based materials in the Primus Lite II Bio shoe are sourced and oversaw capably, decreasing water, vitality and CO2 discharges, improving waste water and eventually diminishing their environmental impression.

The arrival of Primus Lite II Bio pursues VIVOBAREFOOT's dispatched shopper investigate study, which was directed by an autonomous think-tank in April 2019. The investigation affirmed that most shoppers today have various meanings of maintainability yet a key concentration for them was the utilization of eco-accommodating materials in the items they purchase. This is consoling information for VIVOBAREFOOT, which is set for eliminate petrochemicals and utilize 100 percent economical materials in the following two years.

Clark included, "The less you put between your feet and nature, the better. Much the same as our different styles, Primus Lite II Bio was intended to give individuals' feet a chance to accomplish their common thing, while at the same time giving greatest tangible criticism from your body to your cerebrum. The Primus Lite II Bio isn't great, despite everything it contains critical non-plant-based items, however it's a positive development. There are numerous difficulties the footwear business faces in making reasonable items, and VIVOBAREFOOT trusts it is smarter to develop for good, as opposed to stop."

Results from the free research study are accessible upon demand.

VIVOBAREFOOT propelled in 2012 as an independent brand, and is situated in London, England. VIVOBAREFOOT is set for change the footwear business dependent on one basic understanding—shoes should give your feet a chance to accomplish their normal thing. The shoes highlight a licensed, ultra-dainty, cut safe underside in each shoe that ensures the foot while permitting most extreme tangible input. Structured utilizing antiquated intelligence with current innovation, VIVOBAREFOOT is a finished shoe assortment for open air, dynamic and regular wear, just as a line for kids. By 2020, the organization means to utilize 90 percent feasible materials over their whole range, and 100 percent by 2021. Made by two cousins from a long queue of shoemakers, Galahad and Asher Clark are on a journey to make the ideal shoe—ideal for feet. For more data on VIVOBAREFOOT, visit


Primus Bio utilizes a corn-based, vegetarian biopolymer, a characteristic bi-result of the field-corn nourishment industry called 'Susterra Propanediol' or '1,3-propanediol'. Created by DuPont Tate and Lyle Bio Products, Susterra® propanediol is an unadulterated, bio-based, oil free diol.

Sorona® a bio-based fiber additionally utilized in the shoe is a trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

These plant-based polymers got from the glucose in field corn and are sans oil, non-lethal and 100% USDA guaranteed, gathered by DuPont Tate and Lyle Bio Products, a joint endeavor between DuPont, a worldwide science trend-setter, and Tate and Lyle, world-driving sustainable nourishment and mechanical fixings organization.


Shoe insoleUsing a similar green growth based BLOOM (10%) as is utilized in the outsoles, the presentation insoles gives an additional layer of security and warmth for your feet. They are additionally removable. So once you've become accustomed to level footed strolling (with them in), you can get considerably increasingly associated with the ground by taking the insoles out. You'll feel all that you're strolling on yet with assurance from the extreme outsoles. This can take some becoming accustomed to. On the off chance that you're new to shoeless style footwear, at that point it merits keeping the insoles in for a brief period until you become acclimated to them.

Shouldn't something be said about execution?

Right, great inquiry. There's no point purchasing eco-accommodating shoes just to do your bit for the planet. They likewise need to perform well and be as hearty as the other options with the goal that you don't have to go purchase new ones consistently.

First of all, the Primus II Bio's are extraordinarily lightweight; I have a feeling that I'm wearing my wetsuit boots when I wear them; they're scarcely recognizable. They additionally have a delicate layer of cushioning inside around the lower leg and on the underside of the tongue that feels like an overly fine softened cowhide texture on your skin. There's zero possibility of this extravagant pad bringing on any scouring or uneasiness.

Impact point of shoe

The sole gives phenomenal hold that on a par with any normal mentor or tennis shoe, and unquestionably an enormous jump over that of any sort of style siphons. Indeed the Vivobarefoot guarantee that the Susterra Propanediol of the bottoms gives expanded execution inline or superior to anything the oil based bottoms they at present produce. Furthermore, the material gives more prominent adaptability in the driving rain and is unbelievably versatile to scraped areas and general wear. Also, having worn and delighted in the Magna Trail climbing boots and the Primus Trail running shoes, I can't help but concur.

Vivobarefoot Bio shoes by waterway

Yet, the VERY best part, which is the center of what Vivobarefoot are, is that these shoes are likewise brilliant for your body. The structure of the shoes gives a huge amount of space in the toe box to give the toes a chance to spread in a characteristic manner. Also, the absolutely level bottoms urge your feet to fill in as nature proposed: utilizing each small muscle and fiber in them to adjust, work and control your own stride. No all the more depending on excessively etched, padded shoes. It's an ideal opportunity to get your feet, lower legs and knees working appropriately once more.


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