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Samsung A80 Full Review and Price

We should stir our way up the Samsung System A range – we begin determinedly moderate with the Universe A30, improve some minor specs and highlights for the A40 and A50, impeccable the 'reasonable' mantra of the arrangement with the A70… and after that toss the principles out the window with the Cosmic system A80, which appears superficially like an extreme takeoff from the remainder of the World An arrangement.

With its spring up turning back camera area, you're not getting a typical 'moderate' handset in the World A80. It shows an inquisitive mix of highlights that straddles the line among moderate and premium – it's a peculiar, novel gadget that is certain to catch eye at gatherings.

Drawing a group is a certain something, however you will utilize your telephone constantly, and the Samsung World A80 likewise displays a progression of trade offs so as to accommodate its moderately mid-extend sticker price.

So does the consequence of these trade offs leave the World A80 a celebrated trick telephone that does not merit your cash? Or then again is it a really great gadget?

Cost and accessibility

Notwithstanding being a piece of Samsung's World A range, which is the organization's list of progressively moderate cell phones, the Universe A80's value puts it at the furthest reaches of the mid-extend advertise.

The Samsung World A80 cost is £579 (generally $725, AU$1,040), making it somewhat less expensive than the Huawei P30 dispatch cost of £699/AU$1,099 (generally $910) however not as moderate as the Google Pixel 3a at $399/£399/AU$649.

That cost is a significant climb up from the Samsung System A50, which is the most generally accessible Cosmic system A handset, and will cost you $349/£309/AU$499. Anyway the cost has nothing on the Samsung Cosmic system S10, which cost $899/£799/AU$1,349 on discharge.

Right now you can get the telephone in the UK, however there's no word on a US or Australian discharge – we'll refresh this audit when we discover more.


The Samsung Universe A80 is a thick gadget, both as far as size and weight, and it's most likely not extraordinary for somebody who needs an agile telephone that is anything but difficult to hold in one hand.

Tipping the scales at 220g, the Cosmic system A80 is probably the heaviest telephone we've seen – it's not exactly the 232g of the Huawei Mate 20 X, yet it's much heavier than most different gadgets. In correlation, the System A50 is a moderately dinky 166g.

The elements of the gadget are 165.2 x 76.5 x 9.3mm, so it's not as large contrasted with different telephones as its weight proposes, yet it's still up there. The telephone is this enormous to encourage the huge 6.7-inch screen, which we'll get to later.

The Universe A80 certainly feels like a top of the line gadget – its Gorilla Glass show and back, and metal edge make it similarly as premium to hold as the most costly iPhone or Cosmic system S10.

Around the sides of the handset, you'll discover a power catch on the right, and the volume rocker on the left. Having these catches on inverse sides of a telephone is something makers continue driving forward with, despite the fact that it makes it an agony achieving both, and we're disillusioned to see it here.

There's a USB-C port on the back of the gadget, alongside the single down-terminating speaker. There's no 3.5mm earphone jack, which is nothing unexpected given the pattern of organizations demanding you purchase remote earphones, yet having just a single speaker is a disturbance that we'll get into later.

Presently onto what you need to catch wind of – the spring up turning camera area. It's a fun curiosity, without a doubt, yet it feels like to a lesser extent a valuable answer for the score issue than other pop-ups like on the OnePlus 7 Expert or Oppo Reno 10x Zoom.

Initially, the spring up is fairly moderate, generally because of how high it needs to ascend to get the camera to pivot, so it doesn't feel smart or helpful to utilize.

Also, the board is a residue magnet, and each time we popped it up we needed to wipe the residue away.

Thirdly, and all the more significantly, the segment feels rather delicate. At the point when it's down, you can shake it and squirm it absent much work so it rattles about in its packaging, and when it's up, you can without much of a stretch flip and fiddle with the pivoting board, making the telephone oddity out and close the camera application.

We discovered it would effectively stall out most of the way up on the off chance that we physically bent this board, and frequently required our assistance to come back to ordinary.

At the point when the spring up camera board is down it shook and shaken as if it was free, which is a long way from a decent sign on a cell phone that should last us years.

The undeniable response to this is 'don't tinker with the area' however to recommend that as real counsel is to deny individuals' characteristic inclination to tinker with things – particularly for the more youthful group of spectators that the Universe A80 is gone for.

Through the span of our survey we began to feel rather apprehensive utilizing the spring up area due to its slightness – we as a whole realize what befell the Samsung Cosmic system Overlay, and would not like to reproduce it by breaking the moving pieces of the A80 as well.


On the off chance that there's something you can depend on Samsung telephones for, it's their superb screens, and all things considered the Samsung Cosmic system A80's showcase is incredible to take a gander at.

Utilizing Super AMOLED screen tech, which results in a high complexity proportion and brilliant hues, the Universe A80 guarantees an incredible survey involvement, and the genuinely high max splendor is nothing to look down on either.

There is a scope of highlights in the settings menu that let you adjust the screen quality to your specific inclinations as well, such as including a blue light channel or dim mode, or tweaking the RGB shades of the screen.

We made a point to turn on Clear mode in the settings menu – as the name recommends this makes hues progressively striking, albeit maybe somewhat less regular, yet despite everything it makes amusements and media all the more engaging.

In addition (actually), the absence of a score makes this present Samsung's best presentation to date, as there are no difficulties getting the method for your review understanding, and no indent or bezel taking up your important screen land.

In the event that one thing might be a bit of unappealing about its presentation, it's the size – at 6.7 inches, you may discover the screen, and the telephone, excessively enormous to utilize effectively in the event that you have littler hands.

There's a one-gave mode you can empower, however it makes the distinguishable screen cleverly little, so isn't as helpful all things considered in different gadgets.

Battery life

You're getting a 3,700mAh battery in the Samsung Universe A80 – that may sound like a considerable measure, yet practically speaking it was simply enough.

During moderate telephone use, the battery would see us as the day progressed, however just barely. Substantial use saw us expecting to catalyst the telephone at night, and whichever way we needed to make a point to charge the handset medium-term in the event that we needed to utilize it the following day.

This substantial battery channel bodes well, as the mechanized spring up and huge, splendid AMOLED screen likely both draw a considerable amount of intensity. Anyway for a telephone that is going for a more youthful objective group of spectators, who may not think to put their telephone on charge each night, a more drawn out battery life would be valued.

The TechRadar battery test comprises of playing an hour and a half video while the showcase is on max brilliance, with Wi-Fi on and records matching up out of sight, and perceiving how far the battery rate drops from 100%. The System A80 dropped 12%.

In examination, the Google Pixel 3a dropped 16%, while the Huawei P30 just lost 7%. The Cosmic system A80, at that point, got a reasonable score, as can be normal with Samsung gadgets, which can be depended on to play content without executing the battery.

On the off chance that that is great, controlling up the gadget is incredible gratitude to Samsung's 25W quick charge. Subsequent to connecting the telephone for just a short measure of time the battery percent springs up, and it just took 40 minutes to charge from 0% to half battery. That is genuinely smart, so the telephone would be incredible for individuals who don't get much time to connect every day.


The Samsung System A80's fundamental camera is 48MP f/2.0, and it's joined by a 8MP f/2.2 snapper with a ultra-wide focal point and a 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) f/1.2 camera that is utilized to detect profundity, for better pictures.

How about we begin with the third camera, the ToF focal point, which is utilized to check profundity and include bokeh foundation obscure in Live Center mode. Put just, it's extremely compelling – pictures are the absolute best we've seen from a cell phone regarding fitting degrees of bokeh, and the foundations are never obscured so much they look counterfeit.

Be that as it may, the ToF camera replaces the standard fax snapper we jump on most cell phones, so zooming isn't as much a possibility for photographs. There's no optical zoom, just computerized, so pictures get grainy immediately when you attempt to zoom in.

Camera two is the ultra-wide focal point snapper, and again we were intrigued by pictures taken with it, concerning the most part they don't have the contorted edges of numerous other ultra-wide cell phone pictures, while holding an abnormal state of value.

The fundamental camera is even more a blended pack. On the great side, shading catch is incredible – blue skies, green shirts, naval force candles all look energetic without appearing to be fake, notwithstanding when scene streamlining is killed.

On the awful side, night sight brings about pictures that could well simply be ordinary photographs taken in murkiness, yet with the brilliance turned up. Subtleties weren't clear, and most shapes can't be made out.

At that point to the appalling side – scene enhancement. All it appeared to do was make hues more brilliant, with no of the nuance or subtlety you'd find on something like a Huawei gadget, and over that it required some investment to perceive a scene.

When all is said in done photographs were alright, yet a blended sack of preparing frameworks implied they were just that – alright – rather than awesome in any capacity.

This is normally the point where we talk about the forward looking camera, however in the Universe A80 the 'front' and 'back' cameras are really the equivalent, so pictures taken are indistinguishable – however there aren't the same number of capacities.

When you spring up the board to take a forward looking picture, the camera application has less choices than when you're taking a back confronting picture. For one, night and all encompassing photography modes vanish so you can't take a low-light selfie, you can't zoom in either, and there's no scene advancement alternative.

We can't think about a motivation behind why you wouldn't most likely utilize these modes, since you can when precisely the same cameras are pointed the other way, yet they're only one of only a handful couple of ways the camera application presents you various choices relying upon what direction it's flipped.

A portion of the alternatives are progressively valuable, similar to a ultra-wide edge selfie mode that gives you a chance to look over an assortment of fields of view contingent upon what number of individuals are in the image, giving you preferred customization over picture modes regularly do.

It's very novel for a cell phone's auxiliary and tertiary cameras to be more valuable than the fundamental one, yet while the ultra-wide and ToF focal points loaned themselves to extraordinary all encompassing and representation pictures separately, we weren't as intrigued by photographs taken with the primary camera.

Likewise with numerous custom UIs, the greatest change over stock Android is the feel, as One UI goes for a pale or quieted shading plan, adjusted square symbols, and a greater accentuation on gadgets than different UIs. We thought that it was looks somewhat childlike, yet it's unquestionably not as gaudy or offensive as certain different UIs (we're taking a gander at you, Huawei P30).

What's more, Samsung's accentuation on customization, as far as gadgets, symbol size, and route choices, feels like an arrival to what initially made Android much more engaging than iOS, and it let us make the gadget feel genuinely 'our own'.

We unquestionably got a great deal of time to value the presence of the product, as we spent ages gazing at it as we trusted that different things will work. This is on the grounds that the A80 feels somewhat moderate to utilize. You can likely fault the chipset for that, as we'll get into later.

Opening and shutting applications took somewhat longer than on different telephones, particularly the camera application, which the gadget appeared to be hesitant to open. Turning the handset on additionally took significantly longer than we'd like it to.

This wasn't helped by the problematic unique mark peruser, which as a general rule didn't perceive our thumb when we attempted to turn the gadget on, and we'd frequently need to attempt to open the telephone on different occasions before we in the long run got in.

We generally got in, at last, so we never needed to fall back on simply utilizing our Stick like in the Sony Xperia 1, yet despite everything it made signing into the handset a significant torment.

Another issue we had with the telephone is that information oftentimes wouldn't work on the off chance that we left it on some time. This was effectively fixed by turning it off then on once more, however it was as yet a minor disturbance when it occurred, as we frequently wouldn't see and didn't catch messages accordingly.

One final disturbance? The emoticon console is a lot harder to access in the Universe A80 than it is in essentially every other telephone, as you need to jump into a second menu in the console. For a handset focused towards more youthful spectators, this doesn't bode well by any stretch of the imagination.

Music, films and gaming

One of the primary attracts having a showcase with no score, is the screen is incredible for watching substance and making recreations, so it's fitting along these lines that gaming on the Samsung Universe A80 is shockingly quick.

As we've said the Cosmic system A80 felt somewhat moderate to utilize, however when we stacked up a game this languid presentation evaporated – on PUBG Portable the game defaulted to the most elevated designs settings, ARK: Survival Advanced kept running without its typical laggy interactivity, and a lot a greater amount of the requesting amusements we played could well have been running on an excellent telephone.

This discloses to us the handset is streamlined for gaming, and it's one of only a handful couple of manners by which the telephone feels at all premium.

The Universe A80 is additionally extraordinary for survey motion pictures and Television programs on account of its top notch screen, anyway we had the typical issue that harvests up when the volume rocker and power catch are on inverse sides of the gadget – when you're inclining your handset on a surface, it is possible that you're incidentally killing the screen, or changing the volume, which is immensely disturbing.

There's likewise the issue of the handset having a solitary down-terminating amplifier, which can without much of a stretch be concealed on the off chance that you hold the telephone in the incorrect manner.

Truth be told, amplifier may be the off-base word for the A80's speakers, as the maximum volume is shockingly low when playing music so anyone can hear.

When we turned the volume to its maximum and put the telephone in the focal point of a front room, we didn't need to walk unreasonably far for the subtleties of the melody to be indistinct. Music quality isn't incredible either, yet that will be normal for such a light speaker loadout.

The principle issue with utilizing the Cosmic system A80 as a music gadget, be that as it may, is the marginal brokenness lock screen gadget, which makes it unbearable to use for playing music in a hurry.

Through the span of a one hour stroll, during which we put the A80 in our pocket and tuned in to music downloaded from Spotify utilizing Sony WH-1000XM3 earphones, we had the accompanying issues: the volume expanded to max levels without our information, the music would delay for reasons unknown, when we attempted to skirt a solitary tune various would skip, once in a while the gadget catches wouldn't enroll our touch so we couldn't skip tunes (or return back to melodies that had been skipped), and after that toward the finish of our voyage when we needed to delay the tune to stop the music playing out and out, the music would delay for a nanosecond before beginning once more, regardless of how frequently we told it to stop – it was, all things considered, an enormously disappointing background.

The vast majority of these issues were recreated in different settings, and it discouraged us from utilizing the Cosmic system A80 as a compact music player.

Execution and benchmarks

The Samsung System A80 keeps running on a Snapdragon 730 chipset, which is one of Qualcomm's latest processors equipped towards the mid-run advertise.

It won't brush your socks off with its preparing power, yet you could complete a ton more regrettable regarding internals – from a certain point of view.

Practically speaking, the World A80 feels moderate to utilize, and it could well be a direct result of this mid-extend chipset. When we put the handset through a benchmark test, it restored a multi-center score of 6,903 – which is quite ordinary.

In correlation, the Samsung World S8, which is two years more seasoned than the A80, scored 6,630, which is probably the nearest score. In any case, in case you're searching for something discharged around a similar time as the A80, which expenses generally the equivalent, you will consider the Huawei P30, which trumps the A80 with a score of 9,730.

So you're not getting incredible preparing power at the cost – and it appears. As we've recently expressed, the telephone just feels moderate, particularly when utilizing the camera application, and you can locate a snappier cell phone involvement in a large number of the A80's rivals.


There's nobody serious issue with the Samsung Universe A80, and we truly needed to cherish it for its special spring up camera segment, yet it's difficult to remain positive even with a tide of minor issues.

Between the untrustworthy unique mark sensor, music playback issues, information dropping, moderate execution, delicate camera segment and frail amplifiers, the Cosmic system A80 is commonly simply bothering to utilize.

The wonderful screen, premium plan and extraordinary gaming execution isn't sufficient to compensate for the heaviness of minor issues that you're going to confront when utilizing the Cosmic system A80.

Saying this doesn't imply that the cell phone is broken, essentially, and from numerous points of view it runs similarly just as some other gadget. Be that as it may, there are such a significant number of handsets that don't have this many aggravating issues, so there's not as much motivation to pick the A80.

It is not entirely obvious these issues if the World A80 was reasonable, however at its present sticker price, you will pay a mid-extend cost for a cell phone that doesn't keep running just as many spending gadgets.

Who's it for?

Samsung is pitching the Cosmic system A80 as a telephone that is extraordinary for more youthful spectators, however with its massive size and mid-level camera, it's not really helpful for individuals with little hands. Rather, it's presumably all the more fascinating for individuals who love a decent gathering trap, and won't get exhausted of the spring up camera's curiosity.


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